Farewell List

An Italian Doctor described how a dying grandmother had recently asked her to see her granddaughter. “I pulled out the phone and called her on video. They said goodbye. Soon after, she was gone. By now, I have a long list of video calls. I call it a Farewell List.’’ – Press. This article inspired me to publish this e-book. Sanitary personnel are on the front-line, waging the battle against the invisible enemy!


Farewell List

Farewell List, my ninth book.
Lista de Despedida, mi noveno libro.
Liste d’Adieu, mon neuvième livre.
.لائحة الوداع، كتابي التاسع

I remember my mother, who died aged 58, in 1999, say ‘keep away from me my son lest you get a contagion’. She never went to school.
Recuerdo mi madre, quien murió a los 58 en 1999, decirme ´´Quédate lejos de mi hijo para que no te contagie´´. Nunca fue a la escuela.
Je me rappelle ma mère, morte à l’âge de 58 ans en 1999, qui me disait : « Reste loin de moi mon fils pour ne pas attraper la contagion ! » Elle n’est jamais allée à l’école.
أتذكر والدتي التي ماتت في سن الثامنة والخمسين، عام 1999 تقول لي:” ابق بعيدا عني يا ابني لا تصيبك العدوى.” لم تذهب قط إلى المدرسة


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